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Bloody History Of Communism

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Bloody History Of Communism

Communism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century. It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear. This three-volume documentary displays the terrible savagery of communism and its underlying philosophy. From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, discover how the materialist philosophy transforms humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.

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Reviewer: alexfrag - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 17, 2011
Subject: 100 % True
I see some stupid comments here, running away from the historic facts occurred by this awful ideology called communism. The author did not said that Darwin created communism or thought that maybe his THEORY would be used to support such ideology, as well the Nazism. What the author suggest is that one error leads to another, which is a fact. The one thing that he did forget to mention is about Muslim countries affected by this ideology and even using this in Iran,Iraq,Lybia. Every socialist/communist have a lot of blood in their hands, they are no good people that you can trust, they are sociopaths which has been proven once in power there is no moral, only lies and suffering, I prefer to die combating these people than being under such monstrous ideology. I'm roman catholic and I believe that free individuals make a free society and no society can be prosperus and organised without morals and responsability. Darwin still a THEORY, is not a logic fact, for those who are vomiting against religion, what you are worried about?! your are living within a corrupted Europe which are commiting mass executions with abortions laws, given trillions of rights to criminals, charging billions in tax to support drugs, alchohol addicts and are already in a continent without religion and faith in God. The last haven for democracy is United States, even there they have people who want control peoples lives, but at least, they have a lot of people who stand against such control from the State. Free man, pro guns for people, low tax, morals, education and then the world will be a better place to live. For muslims attached to communism, you are a disgrace of the earth on the same way that communist "catholics" are.
Reviewer: skilpad - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 4, 2011
Subject: Brilliant
But, be warned this documentary is biased towards the Qur'an.

What wasn't mentioned was the constant communist menace in Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and to a lesser extent, South Africa. I would have liked to have seen a segment the communist dictators of Southern Africa.

Otherwise, worth a watch.
Reviewer: Ron Raygun - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 23, 2011
Subject: Facts Missing
The video leaves out the fact that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, were all Jews! It was this Jew cabal with their totalitarian greed for power and wealth that invoked this corrupt, godless, terror upon its country. This communal, collectivist mentality appears today in Israel with the kibbutz, along with the land-grabbing and torture of its Palestinian neighbors. Leftist, socialist, communist, liberal ideas appear to be in many Jew's blood. But of course, the video with these facts could never get that past the Jew censors or producers.
Reviewer: kenzax - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 21, 2008
Subject: It would be good without the commentator
To my opinion, it is a very good movie to show the sequence of events that led to communism, how it spread through the world and its main actors but the commentator makes it sound like being religious is the only way to have prosperous and happy life. I am gonna have to pass on that. Saying (and repeting many times throughout the movie) that there is no scientific fact about Darwinism would be an argument only if there were scientific facts about the theory of creation and about religions in general. Unfortunately, there are not.
Reviewer: oozingrectum - favoritefavorite - March 1, 2008
Subject: Distorted
A decent documentary detailing in detail the actions of a revolutionary political thought.

Unfortunately, through commentary it attempts to passing off all Communist thought as "horrible" because Marx and Engels did not write about a strict "belief in god" and because the duo were Darwanists.
Commentary also attributes starvation during Stalin's period to his own 'personal satisfaction' and not the ravaging of war.
Reviewer: kathyrine - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 23, 2007
Subject: bloody communism
this is really helpful, for my report
Reviewer: Claeyborn - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 30, 2007
Subject: I won't be in denial...
It'd be a dangerous thing to forget the dangers of communism. Evolution was the perfect excuse for communistic dictators to carry out their agendas of mass murder and racist behaviour. The Jews were once again the focus of these dictators, but many others didn't escape, too, once the dictators signed on to the evolution bandwagon.
Reviewer: AlOlmstead - favorite - May 9, 2007
Subject: More religious propaganda
As a Muslim, I am deeply offended mostly by the intellectual mediocrity in this not-very-cleverly disguised attack upon Darwin's theory of evolution. I have a few suggestions for the producer of the film, which I am certain will be igored.

First, if you intend to preach Islamic religion in the English language, learn to speak it. For example, "adopt" is quite different from "adapt."

Second, attend a legitimate university and study your own chosen topic. You will discover that dialectical materialism is false, not because it is a secular religion, but because it is a religion, a belief that persists with no necessary relation to facts. It is easily dismissed because of its chosen appeal to the authority of materialism. It just happens to violate the second law of thermodynamics ("entropy") because it implies perpetual conservation of a fixed quantum of matter and energy.

Nevertheless, all three parts of this film should be viewed as an excellent illustration of religion being degraded into just another grab at power over others.

The three worst trouble-makers of the modern era (Jews, Christians and Muslims) need to ask themselves whether or not it is possible to achieve spiritual enlightenment while pursuing power over others at the same time.

Al Olmstead
Reviewer: mcloughlin - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 13, 2006
Subject: Communism, still is the most dangerous ideology in the history of the world
No other ideology is the foundation and driving force of more murders and genocides then communism in the history of the world. Islam may come a far second, but even Jihad could only murder tens of millions in a thousand years. Communism under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pot, the Derge, etc. is easily guilty of over 100 million deaths by various methods of genocide. Roman Catholism to compare is only guilty of aprox 300,000 deaths over 300 years.

The communist ideology is fought by using slightly different terms today (ie socialism, etc), but the goal is the same as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pot, etc. a revolution to take over the world for their cause.

As Stalin once said "no person, then no problem"

When this movie was made all of the information was not available as it is today to study the magnitude of the genocides attributed to those furthering the communist ideology, today one may find books on it if one does his research. Back then in the early 60's with some hokey old mannerisms they give you some basics to start with.
Reviewer: caesarscook2 - favorite - July 6, 2006
Subject: Ridiculous
The distortions in these films are so bad that it almost works as comedy. Particularly interesting was the attempt to portray the occurence of famine as the intended consequence of Marxism. That's really cute and was so ridiculous that I almost busted a gut laughing but has no basis in reality. Speaking of based in reality, perhaps this j@ck@ss should understand a bit of science before he attempts to comment on it in another film, because trying to claim that Darwinism has "no scientific basis" is like saying that the earth's orbit has no scientific basis. We can debate the details of the physics behind the earth's orbit, but there is NO doubt that the earth orbits just as there is no serious scientific debate about whether living things evolve! In short, this is a bunch of lopsided trash that doesn't even get its facts straight, in fact this almost makes the Black Book of Communism appear "fair and balanced." You may be able to get a laugh out of it in a Reefer Madness kind of way, but I doubt it. It doesn't have that "vintage" anti-communist babble thing going. I'd say download it if you despise reality and facts.
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